RLS AVON is a computer-based learning system. Students receive a lecture (screen shot) and then follow up with a test made up of multiple choice questions.

You could call RLS AVON computer aided instruction, but the program has the capacity to deliver instruction on its own. You could also call it an e-learning platform.

RLS AVON gives you freedom by supporting both Microsoft Windows and Linux. It could also be made to work under Mac OS X.

RLS AVON is free software, also called open source software, as defined by the GNU General Public License version 2 or, at your choice, later.


RLS AVON comes with a lesson editor for educators (screen shot). Lessons may include text formatting and images. The lesson file format is based on XML and is designed to be vendor and platform neutral.

RLS AVON does not come with any lessons at this time, but it does support NOVA lessons (see below).

NOVA compatability

RLS AVON runs lessons from NOVA by Innovative Learning Systems. Only two parts (ILCMENU.EXE and GED32.EXE) were replaced.

RLS AVON should be compatible with these NOVA programs:

NOVA program RLS AVON status
ILCMENU.EXEWorks (replaced)
GED32.EXEWorks (replaced)
Learning Skills Improvement (LSI.EXE)Works (as is)
GI.EXEWorks (as is)
Basic Competency Education (high school math)Works (as is)
Behavior Languages Discovery by Life Languages Institute, Inc.Works (as is)

NOVA is not available here. It is only available from Innovative Learning Systems.

Innovative Learning Systems did not develop nor sponsor RLS AVON. They do not offer support for it.

Features for NOVA users

RLS AVON extends NOVA's capabilities with features such as an easy-to-use lesson editor, an advanced XML-based lesson file format, and text formatting and images in lessons.

RLS AVON gives NOVA users freedom to choose an operating system. You can run NOVA lessons on Linux. Some parts run natively; other parts through an emulator (DOSBox, screen shot); other parts through a compatability API (WINE).

Unlike Windows-based systems, RLS AVON can be incorporated into an all-inclusive, bootable CD (similar to Knoppix). The user puts the CD in the CD-ROM drive, reboots, and watches the system start from only the CD. This makes setting up a lab easy. It also allows for sending lessons home with students.

For computer labs, RLS AVON can be cheaply and rapidly deployed and maintained using a Linux-based terminal server. See LTSP.


RLS AVON is in an early stage of development. It generally works, but some things don't work or haven't been tested thoroughly. Use it with caution.

If you want to compile (build) RLS AVON, you need wxWidgets 2.5.4 or later, TinyXML, and GCC.

A pre-compiled Microsoft Windows version with a nice installer is now available.

See downloads on SourceForge.net.

Developers information

See online documentation for developers, cross compiling with MinGW on Fedora Core 4, or e-mail me.

Development roadmap

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